Over the years some very special horses have shown phenomenal, consistent, bravery and boldness across Taunton Vale Country; the hedges are big and square, often with ditches before or behind and occasionally both, the going is often deep and difficult.

These much-loved and admired horses have, in their time, done season after season, shown stamina and resilience and can be counted as some of the finest English Hunters ever.

            at the Fernie Team Chase Champs. aged 21

'BONES' 1982 - 2003
Dom Schneider's 15.3hh, bay gelding, hunted for 10 seasons with us, team chased all over the place and almost never fell. 'Never better than when pinging John Mitcham's hedges across to Sue Prideaux's leaving almost the entire field behind.'


'FINGAL' still going strong and always a joy to ride.

Johnny Sumption's beautifully  mannered cob, 'Fingal', has, over the past 10 seasons,  jumped the entire Taunton Vale, hedges, gates, rhynes, you name it, in a snaffle and with unfailing enthusiasm.  His training - the Fingal Harriers, Ireland. 

"One famous day when hunting with the Wynstay we were crossing Chris and Polly Stockton's Farm. Chris as FM turned to me as hounds were running and said 'We need to jump through the farm to stay with them. I have never done it before!' This certainly thinned the field out and at the end there were just four of us standing. I was able to maintain the honour of the Taunton Vale as a hunt, well mounted enough to cross any country. The cob did us proud."

'WILLOW' 1986 - 2007 by War Track

Jenny Parsons' 14.3hh, bay, Welsh part-bred mare. A tough, brave, hugely capable, little horse of a lifetime, who, for many seasons, kept up with the big horses, rarely making mistakes. She was rarely sick or sorry, had looks to kill (and faces too) and gave us a couple of fine foals. 'Most terrifying experience - the Taunton Vale Open Team Chase at North Newton where we could barely see over the hedges.'


'BO BO' 

Bought as a 7 year Tetrathlon 'motorbike' this great horse went on to compete at the Pony Club Championships; he Show Jumped and Evented at Area level too. He was a true family horse, hunted by the entire Pugh family but mostly by Eleanor. Together they completed the fearful Open Team Chase course at Pontispool several times.

''He never let us down, would jump anything anywhere and was always well-mannered but could put you on the ground at will if the mood took him. Bo Bo cribbed for England.'

more to follow - the owners know who they are - I just need photos and info PLEASE